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Mizuno Comp W-Grip Golf Glove


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  • Soft and flexible gloves.
  • Synthetic Leather.
  • Supports a stable swing.
  • Material of palm.
  • Excellent texture and comfortable softness as base side.
  • Mesh cloth to reduce feeling of discomfort by sweat at the time of finger crotch.

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Supplies & Accessories Glove Mizuno Soft and flexible gloves! “Mzcomp” golf glove (golf rule compliant product) that combines excellent texture and comfortable softness.


  • We adopt “Japanese-made synthetic leather” which has outstanding texture and softness as base side material of palm. Significantly reduces the hardness of the synthetic leather, greatly improving the fit at the time of wearing.
  • We adopt new synthetic leather “W-Grip synthetic leather” with high grip power to the outside of the palm, the inside to the palm, for ring finger, little finger part and leather part where grip is most needed at the time of swing. Supports a stable swing.
  • We adopt expansion and contraction line “motion arc line” in consideration of flexibility at the time of grip in the back part of the hand. Achieves a high fit.
  • We adopt “fit bridge structure” to raise sense of fit more without losing elasticity of elastic material. You will feel a firm sense of grip.
  • We adopt “mesh cloth” to reduce feeling of discomfort by sweat at the time of finger crotch. We support comfortable play.
  • Material / flat side / back side: Synthetic leather
  • Size variation / 21-26 cm Target
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